Tess and Jess Were Friends

Middle-aged Tess shows up at her old college roommates’ door in the middle of the night, with a young lover in tow.  Jess thinks Tess is there for her wedding to her long-time girlfriend. But no. Not quite. And then everything hits the fan. A comedy about two women breaking their lives at the peak of their success, and rediscovering friendship after old injuries.

Development History: begun in residency at The Lark New Play Development Center of New York, reading (under the title Tess and Jess are Friends) Seattle Repertory Theater Writer’s Group festival of new plays 2016, director L Zane Jones.   The Lark roundtable, director Hal Brooks, 2017. Revised play read at West of Lenin Theater, May 2017, director Kristin Leahy.

2 F, early 40’s.