My plays, while varying wildly in genre and tone, all inquire about the mutability of identity.  Our culture works hard to define “identity.” What is America?  What makes a woman?  A man?  A family?  I think my work responds to that search for definition from a different angle: my plays seek the undefinable, the territory of multiple truths.  This often expresses itself through physical transformation – redefined space, time, and character.

In early plays, such as Chicks with Dicks and ElectroPuss, my characters transform physically, with internal realities pushing for external expression.  In later plays, beginning with Patty Red Pants, the world itself transforms, with characters shifting between the internal and external, and lines blurring between the two.

I write to see in the flesh what I feel in my gut, and to touch what I dream.  To mix narrative storytelling with the physical instincts of dance and musical instincts of language. And to give that to you, the audience.  An audience that seeks bold, visceral work about the way women and men wrestle to define themselves and engage with each other in the world now.

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