“stunning, hallucinatory”  -THE NEW YORK TIMES review of Sand at Women’s Project

“exciting, soulful work” -CHICAGO READER review of Patty Red Pants

“unsettling, dreamlike” -VARIETY review of D O E

“strong and convincing…a very troubling portrait of the Facebook generation” -NEW YORKER review of American Sexy at The Flea

“Scary-modern, in-your-face production, sure to leave an impact”- THE EXAMINER review of American Sexy at The Flea

an estrogen-packed, skull-splitting mosh-pit on steroids!…exploitation at its funnest and exploitationest!” -CITY PAPER Pittsburgh review of Bricolage’s production of Chicks with Dicks

“raucous, raunchy mix of cartoonish violence and sexuality, it’s sort of a new-feminist “South Park.” ARIZONA REPUBLIC review of Stray Cat’s production of Chicks with Dicks

“wild, cartoonish wit is anchored by sinister undercurrents, characters who murmur the horrific details of their lives between company cheers and chase scenes” -BACK STAGE WEST review of ElectroPuss

“Baldwin’s sharp satirical eye for women’s predicaments in particular–perpetuated as much by the infighting between women themselves as by their male oppressors–is penetrating” – LA TIMES review of ElectroPuss

“a scorching take on cynicism v. innocence; a brave comedy”-LAVENDER MAGAZINE review of Kill Me Don’t Go

“Daring, inventing and thrillingly theatrical” -BACK STAGE review of Patty Red Pants

“Baldwin explores their insights with great respect for their fundamental humanity—it’s easy to roll your eyes at these people, she seems to be saying, but look underneath. -NYTHEATER review of American Sexy at The Flea.

“riveting…characters who have become so objectifying and casual in their sexual expression that they’ve lost their connection to their own humanity, hence, the humanity of those they would bed” -STAR TRIBUNE review of American Sexy at the Guthrie

“The strained relationships at the core of the play are like car wrecks on the side of the road—painful and at the same time fascinating to onlookers. You can’t turn your attention away from Baldwin’s characters, no matter how hard they make you want to avert your eyes.” – BACKSTAGE review of Sex and Other Collisions


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