Chicks With Dicks

Bad Girls on Bikes Doing Bad Things!  What happens when a prom queen runner up meets an all-girl biker gang at the end of a bad date?  Nothing you’d expect, in this loving, campy send up of 60’s bad girl B-movies…with a nuclear twist.

6-8 F, 2 M

Production History: Seattle’s The Empty Space Theater – premiere, in collaboration with Anders Wright, directed by Becca Shoenfeld; revised script premiere at Planet Earth Theater of Phoenix, The Kraine Theater NYC, both directed by author; Bloomington Playwrights’ Project of Indiana, directed by Richard Perez; and Pittsburgh’s Bricolage Theater (pictured just below), directed by Tami Dixon.

And there’s CHICKS WITH DICKS II: Battle with Cannibal Sluts in Outer Space!  That’s right, Vespa and Cindi go into…space.  A Barbarella-esque exotica-exloptation spoof with some real rough gals.  Production history:  Seattle’s The Emtpy Space Theatre, Phoenix’s Planet Earth Theatre, and Bloomington Playwright’s Project. (pics yet to be posted)