Mesujika Doe



A CO-CREATION WITH SHIROTAMA HITSUJIYA, dramaturgy and translation by Tomoko Momiyama.

In Mesujika Doe, an American woman living in Japan collides with a deer in the countryside.  Or was it the deer who collided with her?  Multiple possibilities of lives lived, and lost, erupt in wake of the collision between woman and deer.  Identities split, shake and reshape in this multi-cultured ghost story.

Mesujika Doe is a performance piece in Japanese and English, created for American and Japanese actors to perform without translation.  Inspired by European, American and Japanese folklore, Mesujika Doe is a deconstruction/reconstruction of Trista Baldwin’s DOE, which was directed by Shirotama Hitsujiya in the Toyko International Festival.

Workshop Presentations: Morishita Studio Theater, Tokyo Japan; NOHSpace, San Francisco, U.S.; The Playwrights’ Center, Minneapolis U.S., Saison Blackbox Theater, Tokyo, Japan.  This project is funded by The Saison Foundation, Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, JapanFund for New Work, and the Agency for Government Affairs-Japan.

For information on Shirotama Hitsujiya, her Tokyo based company Yubiwa Hotel, and the Mesujika Doe project in Japanese, click HERE.

3 W, 2 M.

Requires actors from Japan, fluent in Japanese/able to speak some lines of English, and actors from U.S., fluent in English/able to speak some lines of Japanese