Sex and Other Collisions

Three intersecting relationships are strained by turn-of-the-millennium fears of changing gender roles and the waning role of religion in society.

3F, 4M

Production history:  Assembly at Currican Theater, NYC, director Nela Wagman; Planet Earth Theater, Phoenix, AZ, director Stan Weightman.


You can’t turn your attention away from Baldwin’s characters, no matter how hard they make you want to avert your eyes.

“An Arizona community is under attack by a serial killer on the eve of the millennium, but what’s equally unsettling are the closer-to-home problems among the couples who live there. Stu (Peter Humer) pretends his new marriage to mail-order bride Luba (Whitney Buss) is every man’s fantasy, though she barely talks to him; Raymond (Matt Neely) is too busy building a Y2K shelter to fully appreciate his hard-working wife, Sonja (Sarah Buff); and seemingly normal mates Gabe and Jane (Michael Szeles and Anna Cody) are actually the least successful at communicating their needs to one another. Each of them eventually comes to terms with their true feelings, but not before paying a price”