Ghosted (TYA)

Commissioned by SCT/Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre Project, now on tour nationally:

Ghosted tackles the subject of anxiety and depression, telling the story of four students as they navigate a single day of high school. When one of them experiences anxiety and visits the counselor’s office, circumstances lead the other characters to reveal hard truths about their personal lives. This play available through Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program, and affiliated theatres. It is presented as a professional performance followed by an interactive discussion.

In addition, students will have a 60-minute workshop in their classrooms addressing suicide prevention. Students will receive a Ghosted Resource Card and teachers will receive a Teacher Guide designed to enhance the experience and provide additional support.

“There are all kinds of ways to ‘ghost,’ to disconnect abruptly from each other, or from life. The play is called Ghosted because it is about the fear of losing someone – a friend, a partner, even a sense of self. Despite the fear of being ghosted, in this play the characters do the opposite, they commit to staying connected regardless of their fears.”
— playwright Trista Baldwin

Target audience: Grades 8-12